WHY Babco?

Because we are your one stop shop for concert event management and booking. We produce results. We deliver the personal attention you deserve and the service you expect. With us on your concert event team, you have all the information and tools you need to produce a successful event.

Babco has become part of our programming family. Their expertise working with the entertainment industry gives myself and my students so much piece of mind when planning our large events. I value the support they provide in giving my students ‘teachable moments’ that help them grow in their leadership positions and beyond.”

Courtney E. Buzan, Coordinator, Office of Student Involvement | University of Central Florida

BABCO Spotlight

Artist Spotlight: Phoebe Ryan
May 24th, 2018

Phoebe Ryan is an American singer and songwriter who officially stepped into the spotlight when she released her debut EP in 2015.

Maggie GardnerArtist Spotlight: Phoebe Ryan
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Artist Spotlight: Hotel Garuda
May 10th, 2018

HOTEL GARUDA is a DJ/producer duo composed of MANILA KILLA & CANDLEWEATHER.

Maggie GardnerArtist Spotlight: Hotel Garuda
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Artist Spotlight: Gnash
April 26th, 2018

Photo by @casenruiz – www.casenruiz.com

Singer/songwriter/DJ/producer GNASH is inspired by the sounds of The Postal Service, Jack Johnson, and The Beatles.

Maggie GardnerArtist Spotlight: Gnash
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