MAGGIE Gardner

Maggie Gardner books and produces concert and comedy events for colleges across the country. She enjoys working with students to create shows that can be just as enjoyable for those backstage as they are for those in the audience. Maggie believes in making memories. She takes pride in knowing that the show she is working on could turn someone’s day around or be the highlight of their week/month/year.

Maggie graduated from the University of Central Florida where she studied Event Management and Marketing. It was in college that Maggie discovered her passion for producing live events – she knew she had to turn it into a career. She has been an active participant of NACA® regional and national conferences as a presenter and award recipient since she was a student and feels lucky to continue growing within the organization as a professional.

Quick Facts
● Maggie writes in pen, not pencil, because she believes in commitment.
● Maggie loves to travel and always has one foot on the next flight to Europe.