Returning Programmers: Carly Damelio

Carly is beginning her second year as the Hurricane Productions Concert Committee Chair. Check out her advice for first time student programmers:

Why did you join your program board?
I joined HP Concerts to get hands-on experience in the music industry and to meet other students with like-minded interests and passion for music.

What has been your greatest takeaway from student involvement so far?
Being involved with HP Concerts has opened the door to some amazing experiences off campus such as meeting leaders in the music industry, attending special concerts and working music festivals. These experiences have taught me so much about the industry and helped me narrow my interests for a career path in the future!

What are you most looking forward to this Fall?
I am looking forward to our Homecoming show this fall – I think it is going to be our biggest show yet!

What is your advice for new student programmers?
There will always be students who are unhappy with the the programming brought to campus – focus your time and energy on the people who are excited about your programming and make sure you give them the best experience possible!

Which performer or comedian do you expect to be popular on college campuses this Fall? Why?
I think Post Malone is going to be popular on campuses this fall because his music crosses multiple genres. His songs also have more substance to them than songs by artists within his genre which is appealing to college audiences and allows him to be more relatable.

Keep up with Carly and HP Concerts:
Instagram: @carlydemelio | @hp_miami

Melissa AronsonReturning Programmers: Carly Damelio