Advisor Advice: Ahjah Green

Ahjah Green from University of Houston shares Advisor Advice for Fall 2022.

Ahjah’s Advice for Students: One piece of advice that I would like to instill into my students is, programming is not your entire life. Make sure you are prioritizing your self-care outside of programming, and that you are being present in the moment to enjoy the events that you have planned!

Ahjah’s Advice for Advisors on practicing balance and boundaries: I am currently advising two student organizations, and I try to practice boundaries by being very intentional to not schedule meetings during lunch or an hour before the end of the day. It’s so important to me, especially towards the end of the day, that I feel that I am leaving myself in a good spot for tomorrow. Or even in the mornings, I tend to schedule meetings after 10AM, so I can use 9-10AM to decompress and set myself up for the day.

Kaitlyn CarrAdvisor Advice: Ahjah Green