Advisor Advice: Ashley Carter | UNC Charlotte

Assistant Director of Student Involvement, University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Which program board(s) do you advise and what kind of events do they produce?
UNCC Campus Activities Board. They’re responsible for daytime programming (8am-5pm), comedy shows, concerts, speakers, campus traditions programming and off-campus excursions.

What is the best piece of career advice you have received?
The best piece of career advice that I’ve received is to remember that I am more than my job/career. It’s okay to be ambitious in my career but don’t lose myself to my career. There is so much life to be lived outside my career, don’t let it pass me by.

What would you tell students who are considering getting involved on campus, but aren’t sure of the benefits?
Take the plunge! It’s a scary step but one that I believe is necessary and essential for everyone’s college career. Getting involved helped me find friends, build my community outside of the classroom and work and helped me learn some valuable life lessons. The experiences, knowledge and skills that I’ve learned have helped me become the confident, headstrong woman I am today. Ultimately, getting involved on campus launched me into my current career and is one of the best things I’ve ever done!

Keep up with Ashley:
Twitter: @sweet_sassy_ash
Instagram: @sweet_sassy_ashley

Melissa AronsonAdvisor Advice: Ashley Carter | UNC Charlotte