Advisor Advice: Ashlyn Landherr | Hillsdale College

Ashlyn Landherr, Director of Student Activities
Hillsdale College

Benefits of Getting Involved in College

  1. Leadership Skills – Sadly, we do not get to be in college forever. Being involved in various campus groups gives students the opportunity to develop their leadership, communication, organizational, and many other tangible skills helpful in life after college.
  2. Meeting New People – Many people in College tend to find one niche area of campus that fits them and then stay there. Reaching out and participating in different campus organizations helps students to get outside of their comfort zone. People will be amazed by the new interest they find or new people they meet by joining a variety of groups.
  3. Making a Difference on Your Campus – Most importantly, getting involved is a great way for students to serve their peers and campus as a whole. Being involved and in a leadership position is arguable the best way for students to make improvements to their school.

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Melissa AronsonAdvisor Advice: Ashlyn Landherr | Hillsdale College