Advisor Advice, Back to School Edition: Dwayne V. Elliott | Vanderbilt University

Dwayne V. Elliott, Director, Arts & Campus Events
Vanderbilt University

Which program board(s) do you oversee and what is an example of their events?

I oversee the Vanderbilt Programming Board which is comprised of the 6 largest programming organizations on campus: Homecoming, Speakers Committee, CityVU, The Music Group, The VenUe, and Vandy Fanatics. Some examples of our programs include, Commodore Quake, annual homecoming concert, Rites of Spring, our two-day outdoor music festival, IMPACT Symposium, our longest student program that brings influential speakers to campus.

What is your favorite part of your job?

Seeing the great programs that we provide to the student body and seeing the students excited about their hard work and seeing the execution of an event from start to finish.

Why is getting involved on campus important?

It complements the student’s experience in college. If provides students with an opportunity to learn outside the classroom and the ability to relieve stress that comes from their classwork.

Advice on how prepare for day of show:

Trust the process and don’t stress over things that you can’t control.  Remember you are not the one flying the plane or driving the ground transportation so don’t stress about it.  The only thing is to believe that you have fully prepared for your show and that everything will be fine.

Keep up with DWAYNE:

Twitter: @dwaynevelliott
Instagram: @d_v_e

Melissa AronsonAdvisor Advice, Back to School Edition: Dwayne V. Elliott | Vanderbilt University