Advisor Advice: Brad Ward | William & Mary

Brad is here to share hilarious photos, oh… and advice!

Which program board(s) do you advise and what kind of events do they produce?

I advise Alma Mater Productions alongside their wonderful graduate assistant, Sydney! AMP produces a wide range of events through seven different committees. These committees include: Films, Homebrew, Impact, Interns, Live, Science & Sustainability, and Special Events. All of them have something special to offer and give the William & Mary community a large variety of entertainment and education! They are rockstars!

Favorite Leadership / Higher Ed book?

Books and I have a complicated relationship at this point. Podcasts have taken over my life because of how easy they are to access and due to me seemingly never being able to sit down and focus. If you talk to Melissa she would tell you that every time she sees me I’m just lying on the ground…but that’s usually reserved for photos. On a typical day I’m always on the go somewhere. However, one book that I’ve enjoyed because of its short length and applicability to Higher Ed is Motivating the Middle by T.J. Sullivan.

Your go-to/feel good TV show?

Parks and Rec for sure. New Girl and Good Mythical Morning sneak in there too!

Favorite vacation spot?

No favorites. I’ve been lucky to go to some really fun places in my life so far. But honestly, I’ll take anywhere with some beautiful scenery and friends!

Favorite band?

Moon Taxi…followed closely by The Head and the Heart, St. Paul & the Broken Bones, The Revivalists, and The Lumineers….but honestly, just give me all the music possible.

Favorite comedian?

Probably Dan Cummins. He hosts Timesuck and Scared To Death…two of my favorite podcasts. His standup is pretty great as well!

What is your advice for keeping students engaged virtually?

It is wild to think about but we’ve been doing this virtual life for a little while now. I know it can be exhausting at times for everyone. I think the best way to keep students engaged is by offering things that are interesting, unique and meaningful. Hopefully students are seeing these events and the prospect of participating brings them some joy. A lot of students also aren’t able to be on campus so just offering them a fun way to connect with campus is super important. All in all, we just want to provide all students with a good experience that can help them get through this time.

What advice do you have for students to avoid virtual burnout?

If you can, just find a way throughout your day to step away from your screens. Go outside and get some fresh air. Go for a walk, run or whatever you can to step away for a moment. Ask your roommate to go with you so you can both step away for a while. If outside isn’t your thing, read a book in a relaxing place or listen to one of your favorite playlists so you don’t have to take your phone out of your pocket. Those little moments throughout the day can make a big difference!

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