Advisor Advice: Cidnye Weimer

Cidnye Weimer, Coordinator for Student Programming
Virginia Commonwealth University

Which program board(s) do you oversee and what is an example of their events?

I advise the Activities Programming Board (APB). They put on recurring events such as monthly bingos, weekly movies etc. but they also do live entertainment and production events such as our annual Homecoming concert, Ram Fest and most recently our drag show, Drag Me to Dinner.

How do you keep all of your event details organized during Spring?

Organization and over communication are really the keys to success when it comes to planning so many different events! APB uses a variety of methods to stay organized such as Google Drive, GroupMe and most recently Trello. It is important to make things easily accessible for anyone at anytime and to keep everything in one place for everyone to see when needed. If someone isn’t available or leaves the board, it is important that someone else can easily find the information they need to take over the event or program. We also put all meetings and events on a shared Google Calendar and I have a huge wall calendar in my office to be able to really visualize things as well. My students can tell you that I always say I am a fan of over communication rather than under communication. The more you see and hear information they more you are likely to remember it an retain it!

Melissa AronsonAdvisor Advice: Cidnye Weimer