Advisor Advice: Erin Ciceri | University of Houston

Erin Ciceri | Activities Coordinator, University of Houston

3 Tips for First Time Programmers

  1. Always consider first both your audience and campus. What types of artists would be of interest to your students? What time of the day/week are students more available to attend events? You can use a variety of methods to collect this information, such as surveys or focus groups.
  2. Plan ahead so you don’t fall behind. Creating a backwards timeline from the event with deadlines will help you stay on track and avoid procrastinating or feeling overwhelmed as the event draws closer.
  3. Do not try to do it all on your own! That’s a recipe for burnout. Work with your team and make sure you communicate what areas you need help with. Collaborating with other organizations and departments on campus is also a great way to share the workload, while generating new exciting ideas!
Melissa AronsonAdvisor Advice: Erin Ciceri | University of Houston