Advisor Advice: Julie Fleishman | Florida State University

Julie advises FSU’s Homecoming Council, Dance Marathon, Relay for Life, and The Big Event.

What is your favorite thing about working in student activities?
I have incredible students who are creative, diverse, innovative, dedicated, spirited and high energy… getting to work with my various student boards is definitely my favorite thing about working in student activities. They continue to challenge the status quo and brainstorming sessions with them are the highlight of my day. Together me and my students change the world through the power of event planning and it is very cool to be a part of something big.

How do you facilitate Artist selection conversations?
I start by having my students brainstorm their dream list, then I have them research: which artists are going on tour this year, which artists just released new material and artists that have performed in similar venues, and lastly we reach out to the AMAZING Maggie Gardner who helps make all the dreams a reality by working her magic!

If YOU could plan a concert or comedy show on campus, budget isn’t an issue, who would you bring and why?
Thomas Rhett is one of my all-time favorite artists! If I could plan a Thomas Rhett concert and get to meet him and his family that would be amazing.

Maggie GardnerAdvisor Advice: Julie Fleishman | Florida State University