Advisor Advice: Kathy Arnett | Wake Forest University

Kathy Arnett, Director of Student Engagement
Student Union, Wake Forest University

What is your favorite part of your job? The favorite part of my job is student interaction.  I love to watch students develop leadership skills, think “out of the  box”, and view challenges as opportunities.

I love campus traditions and the energy that goes into planning those events every year. I love developing relationships with students and the “warm and fuzzy feeling” I get when I receive emails and visits from former students who speak about how their individual experiences on the programming board prepared them for the real world as much or more than their education in the classroom.

How to keep students motivated: To keep students motivated, we need to start with selection.  Did we choose the right person for the position?  Once selected, training is key in keeping people motivated.  Retreats, meetings, 1:1 meetings and proper transitioning into a new role can really be effective motivators.  Evaluating performance several times per year can also motivate those individuals that may have be less energized as the semester progresses.  Affirmation in weekly meetings can also be a motivator.  Something as simple as a bucket of compliments at the end of a meeting can serve as a motivator and provide positive energy.  Recognition is always needed to keep students motivated.  Learn their love language- do they need words of affirmation, a gift, quality time, a hug or an act of service.  Get to know you team and find out what makes them tick.  They are all unique and different , they all have strengths, so tap into them.

How to prepare for day of show: Concert preparation is a timely process. If you start early with an offer, confirm your date and work closely with your middle agent, the day of will run far more smoothly .  Talk through the contract and rider with your middle agent, book your production company, understand your budget.   Develop a marketing plan and set a date for ticket sales to begin.  delegate “day of” responsibilities to committee members and keep an accurate check list of all details pertaining to the contract and rider.  When the exciting concert day arrives, roll out the red carpet for everyone involved- facilities, union workers, opening acts, and headliner.  Make sure there is water for everyone and that there are numerous volunteers throughout the day.  Expect the unexpected.  As much planning and preparation as you have completed in advance, there are ALWAYS changes on the day of show.  Remain calm, rely on your support and volunteers and enjoy your special Day.

Melissa AronsonAdvisor Advice: Kathy Arnett | Wake Forest University