Advisor Advice: Kelly Wrobel | UNC, Wilmington

Kelly has great advice for keeping students engaged virtually!

Which program board(s) do you advise and what kind of events do they produce?

I advise the Association for Campus Entertainment (ACE) here at UNCW and we are comprised of 5 committees (1) Arts, (2) Activities, (3) Concerts, (4) Films, and (5) Spirit and Traditions. We do everything from school spirit events to entertainment and community building.

What is the best virtual event you have attended/hosted so far?

ACE recently hosted a Songwriting Showcase featuring country duo Maddie and Tae. Maddie and Tae taught students how to write a song and gave tips and tricks to getting your foot in the door in the industry. The duo also answered and addressed almost every student on the call and several of our students had their guitars out and were taking note the whole time, which was so cool to see. This event would not have been accessible to us had it been in person, so I am thankful that the virtual landscape allows us to bring new events to our students.

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Melissa AronsonAdvisor Advice: Kelly Wrobel | UNC, Wilmington