Advisor Advice: Lateesha Watkins

Lateesha Watkins from NC State University shares Advisor Advice for Fall 2022.
Lateesha touches on one word that motivates her and why: Happy’ is a word that motivates me! Growing up my mom always told us to do what makes us happy. So my happiness is at the root of everything I do!

Lateesha’s advice for new advisors: My advice for new advisors would be to remember to take a second to talk about things aside from business with students. I recommend a “Question of the Week – QOTW” at the beginning of each 1:1. Some of my favorites are: “What is the last things that made your face light up?” “Do you your socks on from left to right or right to left?” “Who had had the greatest impact on your life aside from your parents or parental figures & how?”

Kaitlyn CarrAdvisor Advice: Lateesha Watkins