Advisor Advice: Liz Vales | Illinois Wesleyan University

Liz Vales, Director of Student Activities and Leadership Programs
Illinois Wesleyan University

Benefits of Getting Involved

1) Personal Development– you will grow more than you ever imagined over your college years.  Getting involved and working with others creates self-awareness, perspective, and allows you to find your niche.  Jump in!
2) Networking– the faculty, staff, supervisors, mentors, and peers you interact with now will make an impact on your future in some way.  So attend events, join a club, listen to a speaker, and utilize the relationships you have created for your success.
3) Take advantage of free fun– universities around the country provide FREE opportunities on a weekly basis for students to learn outside the classroom, relax, laugh, and get to know each other.  Don’t pass those opportunities up!

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Melissa AronsonAdvisor Advice: Liz Vales | Illinois Wesleyan University