Advisor Advice: Michaela Tuesburg | Wingate University

Michaela advises Wingate’s BARC (Bulldogs Activities Resource Committee).

What is your favorite thing about working in student activities?
There are many things I enjoy about working in Student Activities, but my favorites include the student interaction I get on a daily basis along with always having fun in the office due to the nature of my work.

What skill(s) do you hope students will take from their program board days into their future careers?
Many students are hesitant to join a Program Board in the beginning because they feel it is not directly related to their career field post-graduation. I hope they will walk across the stage on graduation day realizing the immense amount of transferable skills they have because of student activities. How they apply their transferable skills in an interview setting will more than likely land them their dream job.

If YOU could plan a concert or comedy show on campus, budget isn’t an issue, who would you bring and why?
My ideal concert would be Bruno Mars–I have always heard great things about his live performances.

Maggie GardnerAdvisor Advice: Michaela Tuesburg | Wingate University