Advisor Advice: Sarah Hussain

Sarah Hussain from University of Chicago shares Advisor Advice for Fall 2023.

Sarah’s perspective on the most rewarding versus most challenging task(s) faced throughout the year:
The most rewarding aspect of my role is seeing students’ joy after the events and activities they’ve planned come to fruition! One of the more challenging aspects of my role is balancing small details vs. big picture. Both are equally important, but it can be easy to get caught up in one that we lose sight of the other at times. Taking time to pause and evaluate both the details and the vision helps me keep things on track and feel motivated to achieve the end goal!

Sarah’s one piece of Advice for her students:
If I could instill one piece of advice in my students, it would be to stay adaptable. Whether it’s planning an event, working on coursework, or navigating career opportunities, obstacles can, and likely will, come up, but having a flexible plan and open mind really helps to smooth any bumps along your journey!



Kaitlyn CarrAdvisor Advice: Sarah Hussain