Advisor Spotlight: Crystal Rawls

Crystal Rawls is the Assistant Director of Student Activities and Engagement at University of Mary Washington. Crystal enjoys finds it important to build relationships and encourage the students that she works with. She says, “I try to be someone that my students can rely on. I try to answer any questions that they may have and let them know that it is okay if they make mistakes. I also try to be there for students if they ever have to vent (about anything) or just want somebody to talk to. My goal is to be the best support system that I can be for the students that I work with.”

Crystal would describe herself as Tina Belcher from TV show, Bob’s Burgers, because ” She is extremely awkward and super hilarious and I would like to think that is me.”

Thank you for all you do Crystal!

Kaitlyn CarrAdvisor Spotlight: Crystal Rawls