Advisor Spotlight: Jeff Nilsen

Jeff Nilsen is the Assistant Director for Student Involvement at University of Chicago. When asked about how to avoid burnout, Jeff says, “Burnout is definitely something the field of Student Affairs has to reckon with, especially when it comes to those who oversee programming boards and late night programs. While I think that it can be different for each person, I am someone who is very protective of my time. I try to block time on my schedule during the day that can be for working out, responding to emails, doing school work, or just hanging out around the office. I have also tried to make sure I do activities that are solely for me during the week, whether that is playing intramural soccer or grabbing a drink with friends. It is basically that work/life balance thing they tell us in grad school but being more intentional about it as I have gotten older!”

Jeff says he most relates with  TV character Nick Miller from New Girl. “I am someone who cares about those around me, can be loyal to a fault, and may act just a bit little older than my age would indicate!” he says.

Thanks for all you do Jeff!

Kaitlyn CarrAdvisor Spotlight: Jeff Nilsen