Advisor Spotlight: Julianne Toce

Julianne Toce is the Assistant Director of Student Activities at University of Denver. Julianne’s advice on how to avoid burnout is, “Whenever possible, take that lunch break! Being able to step away from my computer to enjoy an hour away has helped me stay grounded especially during busy and stressful times.”

As she reminisces, she shares a funny experience from a past event she’d worked on. “At one of my first events at DU we had tricycle races and one of the riders ran right into a sprinkler, broke it, and water started spraying out for about 10 minutes flooding the brick walkway. I was stressed but the students absolutely loved racing through the water! I can laugh about it now and still have that broken sprinkler in my office!”

Thank you for all you do Julianne!

Kaitlyn CarrAdvisor Spotlight: Julianne Toce