Advisor Spotlight: Kelyan Myers

Keylan Myers is the Assistant Director of the Trone Student Center at Furman University. Keylan shares his top three important factors in leading a student organization below, followed by his best dad joke.

1) Education/Expectation Setting: You can’t expect your students to perform to your standards if you don’t lay out clear expectations of what your standards are. The more work you do on the front end, the better it will go in the long run.

2) Trust: Our students are adults, and the majority of them are intrinsically motivated to do good work. By trusting my students to do good work and allowing them the space to do so, everyone wins.

3) Honesty: Being honest with my students has done me as much good as anything else. Being myself, using my strengths, owning my weaknesses, and admitting when I don’t have the answer has allowed me to build genuine relationships with my students and co-workers alike.

Keylan’s favorite dad joke is, “What did the belt say to the pants?” The answer: “What’s up, britches?”

Thanks for all you do Keylan!

Kaitlyn CarrAdvisor Spotlight: Kelyan Myers