Advisor Spotlight: Sarah Levine

Sarah Levine is  the Student Activities Program Coordinator at University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Sarah shares her thoughts on maintaining a healthy work versus life balance. “Something I learned in my graduate program was that achieving work/life balance was not always doable. The proposed perspective is work/life harmony. In Student Activities, there are times of the school year that we are in constant motion and never stop but taking advantage the moments of calm are important. A few activities that are important for me to find time for include cooking healthy food at home, spending quality time with my family, partner and pup, being outdoors, and crafting. Although I am still working to find the “perfect harmony”, the past year has helped me find balance in closing my laptop and stepping away from work when the day is over.”

Sarah says Lorelei Gilmore is hands down her favorite human on TV when asked about a character she could most relate to. “I love her humor, how she parents, and I learn from her every time I watch Gilmore Girls. All of the characters are people I relate to – Sookie’s clumsiness & love of cooking, Lane’s taste in music, Luke who loves hard, Rory’s love of learning and naivety, and more. If I could live in Stars Hollow – I would!”

Thanks for all you do Sara!

Kaitlyn CarrAdvisor Spotlight: Sarah Levine