Artist Spotlight: Alexander Jean

Husband and wife duo ALEXANDER JEAN is comprised of BC Jean and Mark Ballas. The duo met at a Los Angeles singer-songwriter showcase in 2012. Ballas is best known as a professional dancer on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, where ALEXANDER JEAN performed their hit single “Roses and Violets” in 2016. They say that their writing process is a 50/50 split, most often with Mark landing a guitar riff while BC creates the “topline” and they brainstorm lyrics together. Mark says, “what we’re creating as Alexander Jean is a whole entity that feels more honest for us. We’re in control as songwriters, and we’re building on the natural musical and personal chemistry that we have.”

Check out their performance at SXSW below and call 866.335.8777 for info on booking ALEXANDER JEAN this Fall!

Melissa AronsonArtist Spotlight: Alexander Jean