Artist Spotlight: Celeste

Celeste is a R&B/Soul vocalist influenced by artists such as Aretha Franklin and Billie Holiday. Celeste was born in the U.S. but raised in the U.K. where she struggled with being tall and biracial in a “homogenous” town. Celeste found her voice singing in church, but found love with music in the secular-pop sphere, listening to Ella Fitzgerald, Destiny’s Child. Her father passed away when she was 16 and she found her passion when discovering his vinyl collection, she would have jam sessions with her friends, write poetry which would evolve into song, and then into the decision to pursue music once she reached college. Celeste debuted with a short-player in 2017 (The Milk & The Honey,) and an EP in 2019 (Lately,) and her full-length debut album this year of 2021 (Not Your Muse.) Elton John has some of Celeste’s music on his personal Apple playlist — need we say more? This talented artist is on the rise and we love it.

Check out CELESTE’s “Not Your Muse” song below. Call 757.962.8777 for booking info.

Kaitlyn CarrArtist Spotlight: Celeste