Artist Spotlight: Jimmie Allen

Country artist Jimmie Allen is a native of Southern Delaware and lives by the phase “Never give up”. Jimmie first got into music in middle school while working with a speech therapist for his stutter. In 2007, he moved to Nashville, but hit a roadblock when he became homeless, forcing him to live out of his car and work multiple jobs for months. After a few more bumps in the road, he signed with BBR Music Group/BMG and released his debut single “Best Shot”. His single was the No. 1 Most Shazamed song for eight consecutive weeks and claimed the No. 1 spot on Country radio for three weeks. In October 2018, Jimmie released his first full-length album, “Mercury lane”, named for the street he grew up on and where his journey began.

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Melissa AronsonArtist Spotlight: Jimmie Allen