Artist Spotlight: LANco

Rolling Stone has named LANco country music’s IMAGINE DRAGONS. The band is made up of five members:  Brandon Lancaster (vocals), Chandler Baldwin (bass), Jared Hampton (multi-instruments), Tripp Howell (drummer), and Eric Steedly (guitar). The group landed on Rolling Stone’s February 2016 list of “10 New Country Artists You Need to Know.” On why they perform country music, LANco says, “A lot of different genres are fantasy-oriented. . . ‘in the club popping bottles’ or whatever. But country music is about finding people where they’re at right now: working a 9-to-5, going through hard times, questioning life.”

Check out their hit “Long Live Tonight” below and call 866.335.8777 for booking info.


Melissa AronsonArtist Spotlight: LANco