Artist Spotlight: Muna

Muna is a pop-band trio of friends that met in college. The trio had a love for 80’s music, varieties of pop, funk and R&B. Merging these styles with their guitarist and vocalist skills, they spent tie writing material and eventually debuted an EP, and later an album. The trio has toured with Harry Styles and been in the Top 40 on Billboard’s Adult Pop Music charts. Muna’s latest album, “Saves the World.” The trio pleads ” “If you’re committed to saving yourself you are saving the world,” and “When people take responsibility for their own stories and accept that they are capable of being their own heroes the whole world could shift in a crazy way.” Have to love that.

Check out MUNA’s song “Grow,” below. Call 757.962.8777 for booking info.

Kaitlyn CarrArtist Spotlight: Muna