Artist Spotlight: Tems

Tems is a rising Nigerian singer and producer with a unique, urban sound. Tems stage name comes from her full name Temilade Openiyi. She was born in Nigeria where a music teacher helped her find her voice. Tems went on to further education and joined the workforce in marketing, later quitting to focus on music.  Fusing R&B and Neo-soul, her sound brings a unique flare to the genres. “I didn’t choose my voice. I didn’t choose to love music…” she says in explanation to good things happening to her as it is God’s purpose. Tems taught herself to produce music from YouTube, which led her to her first 2018 single, “Mr. Rebel.” She is rooted in DIY as she always had a vision for something unique that she felt she couldn’t find someone who could make it happen, or the worry of affordability.” With the help of a photographer cousin, graphic designer friend, and acquaintance with a studio, she had a single and figured out how to push it out through streaming services with the help of another friend with access to digital American dollars for distribution. From there, she got messages from a radio station and begin to research and figure out the business of music.

She’s spoken about how where she grew up, everyone is in survival mode and how she stays aware of where she came from, wanting to make music that heals and influences change in the lives of Africans. Tems has gone on to make major leaps in her music career. Collaborations such as Wizkid’s “Essence,” later remixed by Justin Bieber, and Drake’s “Fountains.” have seen major success and remain top songs on her Spotify including her own “Free Mind.” Tems has many more notable successes including multiple nominations for awards. Her story is as unique as her sound and we have our eye on Tems!

Check out TEM’s music video for “Crazy Tings,” below. Call 757.962.8777 for booking info.

Kaitlyn CarrArtist Spotlight: Tems