Babco Spotligh: ECU SAB

We love ECU SAB!

How many committees make up the program board? 4

What are they? Entertainment, Arts, Films, & Initiatives

What tools do you use internally to communicate and keep everyone on the same page?
We use GroupMe primarily, Engage, and email.

What kind of activities do you do as a board to promote team bonding?
Most recently, we did an escape room as a group. We did not escape the room but learned a lot about how we work together as a team and had a lot of fun doing it!

What is your most popular event of the year?
Barefoot on the Mall! This is our last event of the year where we have food, games, activities, and a concert!

What has been your most creative marketing strategy?
Most recently, we have been buying and making event-specific promotional items. For example, we bought black sunglasses with our logo for Men In Black International and fanny packs for our 90s Night and Halloween Safety Event.

If a TV show was made based on your program board, what kind of show would it be (reality, comedy, drama, etc.) and why?
It would be Family Matters. Our programming board is really one big family who supports one another!

Instagram: @ecu_sab


Melissa AronsonBabco Spotligh: ECU SAB