Babco Spotlight: Black Student Alliance | Virginia Tech

Virginia Tech’s Black Student Alliance is made up of three committees: Live Entertainment, Social Programs, and Black Culture. 

What is your Program Board’s mission?
Our mission is to promote a greater understanding of Black culture among students, employees, and community members at Virginia Tech.

What tools do you use internally to communicate and keep everyone on the same page?
To communicate internally and keep everyone on the same page, BSA uses Google Drive’s Team Drive feature. This is where we keep all event information, meeting minutes, and organization logistics.Each member has the ability to access it on any device and also edit/view.

What kind of activities do you do as a board to promote team bonding?
Even though we have our scheduled office hours, the BSA office is our home. It has become our place of comfort on Virginia Tech’s campus. We gather for lunch, gossip, and even quiet time. Our team bonding beings in our office. We also hold organization retreats at the beginning and end of the year.

What is your largest event of the year?
Our Spring Concert

If a TV show was created based on your program board what genre would it be and what would it be called? Why?
Reality TV because there is never a dull moment with the Black Student Alliance. We have a wide range of personalities and we love to challenge and encourage each other as well.

Keep up with BSA:

Facebook: @BSAatVT
Twitter/Instagram: @VT_BSA

Melissa AronsonBabco Spotlight: Black Student Alliance | Virginia Tech