Babco Spotlight: Converse College CAB

Student Enrollment: 1,100

How many events and/or concerts do you program in an academic year? We do roughly 26-28 events throughout the school year

What tools do you use internally to communicate and keep everyone on the same page? We all meet once a week to go over events for the week and in the future. We utilize GroupMe and email to communicate with each other on a daily basis outside of our meetings.

What activities do you do as a board to promote team bonding? Before every meeting, we start it off with an ice breaker. Each meeting, a different member is allowed to come up with the ice breaker for the meeting. When we’re not busy, those who are available, we all meet up for dinner or have movie nights.

What is your largest event of the year? Every other Spring semester, we have a concert

What is most unique program your board does? For the month of March, we celebrate Women’s History Month with every Wednesday there being a #WCW. We have female professors who give lectures, female artists perform music, etc. and an Open Mic Night.

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Melissa AronsonBabco Spotlight: Converse College CAB