Babco Spotlight: CSUMB UPB

CSUMB, University Programming Board

California State University, Monterey Bay Student Population: 7,200

How many events do you program in a year?
In the past, we would plan about 14 events a year. As we grow, we are incorporating even more programming onto our campus. This year we anticipate as many as 30 events!

What tools do you use internally to communicate and keep everyone on the same page?
We definitely push our texting service the most to keep students in the loop of all the Union Programming Board events. It’s a great way to send a reminder to the campus about programming they wouldn’t want to miss out on. We also utilize our social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat to communicate to the student body. Members on our programming board love to use GroupMe to keep each other connected on future and current programming we are working on.

What kind of activities do you do as a board to promote team bonding?
We have movie nights and recently had a showing party for the finale of Game of Thrones. Anything where we can hang outside of work is always a fun time.

What is your largest event of the year?
Our biggest event of the year is usually our Otter Lands Music festival. Last year we had a great line up of The Rej3cts, KYLE and Travis Porter and we hope to continue to grow it every year. The biggest event this semester is going to be our Otter This World Carnival where we are going to have a live DJ with an escape room and karaoke room as well as laser tag and carnival games.

What is your most successful program?
We bring back Drag Bingo back every semester because students absolutely love it and we fill up the venue every time. This semester we are even adding a Drag Costume Contest component to make the event even better.

If a TV show was created based on your program board what genre would it be and what would it be called? Why?
I think our board would make a great comedic reality tv show since we run into so many obstacles during planning events and it would definitely be fun to watch. We would be called “Ottermaniacs.”

Keep up with CSUMB UPB:
Instagram: @osu_csumb | @upb_csumb
Facebook: Otter Student Union
Snapchat: upb_csumb

Melissa AronsonBabco Spotlight: CSUMB UPB