Babco Spotlight: Pet Edition

Who are the pets that keep Team Babco running?

Slacks & Bloomers

Human: Melissa Boyle Aronson
Ages: Ten purrfectly years old.
Breed(s): Cat.
Names: Doug called pants “slacks” so I asked him if he was 80.  So it stuck as the name for our first cat.  She had a sister, so Bloomers.
Three words to describe personalities: Slacks – dog | fearless | superfly. Bloomers – Princess | beautiful | dainty.
Favorite Things: Slacks – cloth grocery bags that she uses as slip n slides on the floor. Bloomers – her brush.
What do they do while their human is at work? Sleep and hunt lizards.
If Slacks & Bloomers had celebrity equivalents, they would be… Slacks – Wonder Woman because she’s fearless. Bloomers – Snow White because she’s so gentle.

Unnamed Chickens

**First off a disclaimer, I don’t really have any pets.  However, I have become known as “The Chicken Whisperer” on my street in New Orleans.  In most cities, you may not find Urban chickens.  However, New Orleans is not like most cities.  A few of my neighbors have chickens and inevitably those chickens get out and can be found wandering my block.  At that point, I spring into action and corral the chickens safely to their home/coop. **
Human: Todd Erickson, kind of.
Ages: Varies by chicken.
Breed(s): Not sure, I’m not even sure of the different breeds of chickens if you want to know the truth.
Names: Not sure, they are not my chickens. They respond to “hey, what are you doing out here?”
Three words to describe personalities: Free spirited, curious, elusive.
Favorite Things: Wandering Vallette Street and pecking at things..
What do they do while their human is at work? Lay eggs.
If the chickens had celebrity equivalents, they would be… Chicken Little. Probably because it’s a chicken.


Human: Maggie Gardner
Age: 6 cute little months.
Breed: Domestic short hair.
Name: There are lots of great Andys in the world (Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec, Andy Grammer, Andy from The Office depending on the episode…) and it was time to add one more. And my roommate vetoed “Mark.”
Three words to describe personality: Curious, trusting, playful.
Favorite Things: Playing fetch, watching squirrels from the window, and cuddling.
What does he do while his human is at work? Jumps on the kitchen counter and dining table since he’s not allowed when his humans are home.
If Andy had a celebrity equivalent, it would be… Andy Dwyer from Parks and Rec because they are both lovable goofballs learning something new about the world every day.

Bella & Jax

Human: Alyssa Escow
Ages: Bella – 2 Years | Jax – 5 Months
Breed(s): Bella – Domestic | Jax – Tabby
Names: Bella – Belle from Beauty and The Beast and actor Bela Lugosi from Dracula. |  Jax – My husband thinks he looks like a jaguar and so obviously he must be named after the Jacksonville Jaguars (neither of us are Jaguar fans).
Three words to describe personalities: Bella – Independent, cautious, sassy. Jax – Wild, curious, playful.
Favorite Things: Bella – Her windowsill. Jax – Anything that moves.
What do they do while their human is at work? Bella – Lays in the sun under our dining room window. Jax – Jumps around on everything he is not supposed to, including Bella.
If Bella & Jax had celebrity equivalents, they would be… Bella – SIA because she hides her face from people she doesn’t know. Jax: Animal from The Muppet because he is a nutcase.

Melissa AronsonBabco Spotlight: Pet Edition