Babco Spotlight – Tradition Edition: University of Illinois at Chicago “LOL”

Event: LOL@UIC
Average Attendance: 1,200 Attendees | Closed to Public
Occurrence: Began in 2013 and occurs the last Thursday of January.

How is your tradition different from the first year to now? Now, we are focusing more on what the artist brings to the table. UIC represents diversity so we want our event to reflect that. We look to represent a variety of cultures and topics through LOL@UIC, while also bringing artists that are relevant to students’ interests.

What makes your campus tradition unique? We heavily involve the UIC students in the process of picking the name. First, we select 4-5 artists that we believe best serve UIC students’ vision, diversity, and interests. Then, we ask UIC students to pick which artist they would most like to see.

What Artists have performed at your tradition over the years? Keenan Thompson, BJ Novak, Shawn & Marlon Wayans, Whitney Cummings

3 Tips for Creating a Tradition on Campus:
1) Serving your campus’ interests, not just your board’s!
2) Having purpose to everything that you bring to campus, not just doing something to do it!
3) Put your all into everything you do! Be as excited for your event as you hope the campus will be.

Melissa AronsonBabco Spotlight – Tradition Edition: University of Illinois at Chicago “LOL”