Babco Spotlight: UNCW A.C.E.

UNCW, Association for Campus Entertainment

ACE Student Members: 100
# of Committees: 5 | Arts & Activities, Concerts, Homecoming, Spirit, Films

How many events and/or concerts do you program in an academic year?
We typically program 165 events and concerts per year, including all movies.

What tools do you use internally to communicate and keep everyone on the same page?
We have Facebook pages for each committee, an all-ACE Facebook page, and email lists. Chairs meet with their marketing coordinators once a week, and the exec board meets once a week as well in order to update everyone on their committee’s activities.

What activities do you do as a board to promote team bonding?
This year, we are taking advantage of free or cheap events hosted by UNCWeekends, another campus organization that specializes in planning off-campus events for students like roller and ice skating, bowling, and laser tag. Post-event dinners have always been a fun way to get to know other members.

What is your largest event of the year?
Our largest event each year is our big show. This year, we are bringing Jesse McCartney to campus and sold out a 1,000 seat venue in 90 minutes!

What is most unique program your board does?
We have a student stand-up comedy competition every November called Last Seahawk Standing. Students compete against each other in front of a panel of judges (comedians from the local Wilmington area) in order to win the title of the funniest Seahawk. This is usually one of our bigger events, and each contestant invites their friends to support them.

If your program board formed a band what genre would it perform under and what would it be called? Why? 
After discussing with the exec board, we decided that our band would be called ACE-C DC and we would play indie/alt music. The name is a good representation of our members’ sense of humor. One of our chairs plays the cello, and as a good support system, we agreed to let her play cello in our band!

Keep up with UNCW ACE on Snapchat/Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @uncwace

Melissa AronsonBabco Spotlight: UNCW A.C.E.