Babco Workshop: Advance & Hospitality Advice with Todd

#1 – Make sure all parties have the most recently updated/edited copy of the rider prior to beginning the advance. This will help to avoid headache while planning.

#2 – Alcohol on the rider? No problem. Most schools cannot provide, and Artists know this. We can cross through on the rider.

#3 – In addition to dressing room hospitality, you are responsible for providing artist + crew a meal on show day. Determine if this will be a meal buy-out or catered option early so that you can get menu approvals if catered or begin collecting menus if a buy-out.

#4 – Make the dressing room look nice, it can help set the tone for the day. Treat it as if the Artist is coming into your home – would you leave food in grocery bags and not provide ice to your guests?

#5 – Include the address + directions to the venue on the day of show advance sheet. There are enough moving pieces day of show, get ahead of the curve and make arriving a non-issue for everyone.

Good luck!
Todd Erickson

Melissa AronsonBabco Workshop: Advance & Hospitality Advice with Todd