Babco Workshop: Artist Selection with Melissa

#1 – Before talking specific artists, have your committee decide on genre(s) preference, and know your budget and available date(s).  This way you talk about acts you can do, and not who you “want” to do.

#2 – Have your middle agent check date avails and specific date pricing for the acts on your wish list, plus add any similar artists for your consideration.

#3 – If you do a survey, include “genre” preference as a question.  If your first few acts are not available on your dates or out of you budget range, you know which genre to stay within.

#4 – Research the artist(s) to make sure they are a good fit for your campus.  Be able to answer any questions from your advisor, administration, risk management office or campus police about your pick’s history (on stage and off).

#5 – Do not put an offer in on any artist without reviewing their rider first!  You can put any production or hospitality limitations on an offer – great time saver for the offer process.

Happy Booking!
Melissa Boyle Aronson

Melissa AronsonBabco Workshop: Artist Selection with Melissa