Babco Workshop: Choosing an Act

Selecting the right act for your school can be difficult. Here are some tips and tricks for picking an act your students want and your budget can accommodate:

Budget. Make sure you have a clear understanding of your budget when you start building a wish list. It is a good idea to set realistic expectations from the very beginning. Our Artist Search feature is a great source – use it to create a list of acts within your budget so that you know what you have to work with. Need more ideas, curious about an act not listed? Just ask.

Polls. We suggest running student body polls based on preferred genre rather than specific Artists. If students are voting on specific artists, and know that an overwhelming number of their peers voted for the same act, but then you are unable to secure that act… people can become disappointed when another headliner is announced. If students vote on genre, and you confirm an act within that genre, they know that you’re listening and their voice matters.

Riders. Make sure you are reviewing riders for your top acts prior to submitting offers. It is best practice to send technical riders to your production company to review prior to submitting an offer. Not only can the vendor price out the backline/production requirements and make sure they fit in your budget, but they can also let you know if there are any red flags (unrealistic production asks, necessary backline substitutions, etc.) so that you can address these concerns ahead of confirming an act, rather than retroactively.

Social Media Engagement. How many followers does this act have? How many likes are their posts getting? Social media is a great source when it comes to gauging the popularity of an act.

Reference Checks. It is becoming more and more important to make sure acts work with your campus climate. Check in with advisor’s who have worked with them in the past – how were they on show day? Any content concerns you need to know about?

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Melissa AronsonBabco Workshop: Choosing an Act