Babco Workshop: Contracting Notes

Keep these notes in mind when working on a contract:

Due Dates. When do you need the fully executed contract by in order to process the artist check in time for day of show? You should know how long it will take for your contract department to process the artist contract and what date they need the fully executed contract back. By knowing the due date and providing it to the artist/artist agency it will help to avoid any delays.

Additional Paperwork. Does your contract department require any additional paperwork that needs to be submitted with the artist contract (i.e. school vendor form)? Make sure you know what paperwork your University requires the Artist to complete and get it to the Artist at the beginning of the Contract process to avoid any delays. Also include this information in the offer so if the artist needs to provide their own paperwork like a COI then they will have plenty of time to do so.

Initials. It is critical that the Artist/Artist Agency understands your contract process, including if your contract department requires initials on any edits. Make them aware if initials are needed next to every edit or on each page of the contract. Include this information when you send the contract back for artist signature so the artist can sign and initial at the same time.

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Melissa AronsonBabco Workshop: Contracting Notes