Babco Workshop: Contracting Tips with Alyssa

#1 – Make sure you know what paperwork your University requires the Artist to complete and get it to the Artist at the beginning of the Contract process to avoid any delays.

#2 – It is critical that the Artist/Artist Agency understands your contract process, including what format you can accept a signed contract and who can sign first.

#3 – Know your due date to receive the fully executed contract and University paperwork from the artist in order to process their check in time, and advise the Artist/Artist Agent.

#4 – As soon as you receive the initial contract, pass it along to your contract department for them to look over and make the necessary edits. Don’t let the contract sit there as it will create processing delays.

#5 – If there any challenges by the Artist | Artist Agency to university contract edits, counter with what you can and cannot agree to including an explanation of why you can’t agree to certain points.  This will move the contract process forward.

Good Luck!
Alyssa Eskow

Melissa AronsonBabco Workshop: Contracting Tips with Alyssa