Babco Workshop: Day of Show Tips

Follow these tips for a more enjoyable day of show.

  1. Do you have the check? If all of the paperwork was returned in a timely manner and the Artist expecting their check on site, make sure you have it in hand. If there has been an issue, make sure it has been clearly communicated to the acts team prior to day of show.
  2. Extra water. Outside of Artist dressing room hospitality, make sure you have a few extra cases of water backstage. Stage hands and other vendors and thirsty too!
  3. Use your volunteers. You can’t be everywhere at once, make sure you delegate responsibilities. Ask another program board director or some volunteers to set up the dressing rooms, work the doors, be the day of show runner, etc.
  4. Communicate clearly to your volunteers. Make sure everyone knows where they need to be day of show, what time they need to be there, and the places they cannot go during the show (i.e. Artist dressing room).
  5. Keep your advance sheet on hand! The act’s team and your vendors will all be going by this schedule, so make sure you know it.

Looking forward to an enjoyable Fall semester with you!

– Team Babco

Melissa AronsonBabco Workshop: Day of Show Tips