Babco Workshop: Marketing Basics with Maggie

#1 – Approval Pt. 1: Make sure you are using the Artist approved marketing materials (photo / logo) on all promotions.

#2 – Approval Pt. 2: Check to confirm whether or not your Artist requires approval prior to releasing your promo. Hint: Most acts do.

#3 – It’s all in the Details: Don’t forget to include the following on your graphics: date, time, location, and ticket info.

#4 – Simplicity is Key: Yes, your multi-colored poster with a variety of shapes looks very cool – but is it legible? Make sure students can easily locate all necessary information (see #3) at first glance.

#5 – IMPORTANT: Last but certainly not least, determine whether or not your need the fully executed contract prior to announcing the show. If yes, include that information in the offer. No one enjoys the pressures that come with announcing the Artist one week before the show.

See you out there!
Maggie Gardner

Melissa AronsonBabco Workshop: Marketing Basics with Maggie