Babco Workshop: Most Overlooked on Show Day

Don’t forget these on show day!

Credentials. Security needs to know who is who, and who is allowed where. Makes sure you have credentials for Artist + team and anyone else who will be back stage back show. If the credential list is extensive, consider printing out an easy to follow key for security to review then posting around backstage so there is a quick reference.

Barricades. Barricades are often overlooked on show day. If you do not have any on campus, chat with your production vendor about providing. If this is not an option, bike rack is always an option. Artist safety has to be a priority.

Stage Water. For artist AND crew. Your production vendor is the first one in and the last one out – let’s keep them hydrated. Having a couple of extra palettes of water for the crew is appreciated and keeps the crew going. You want to also make sure that you place Artist stage water just before their set begins.

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Melissa AronsonBabco Workshop: Most Overlooked on Show Day