Babco Workshop: Rain at an Outdoor Show

This week Maggie walks you through rain on your show day. Rain doesn’t mean a cancelled show! There are several steps you can take during the advance stages and on show day to make this day of show disaster much easier to manage.

In Advance

Rain Location. Where available, reserve an indoor venue as your rain location. If the forecast shows a high chance of rain leading into your show you can make the call to move indoors. Making the call early saves your production vendor time and energy on load-in, gives you time to communicate the change to attendees, and results in less stress for you day of show.

Covered Stage. When hosting an outdoor concert it is important that you provide a covered stage. A covered stage protects the artist and equipment from rain and the sun. In case of light rain the show can continue and the backline, production equipment, and Artist will stay dry.

Day of Show

Communication. If a show is being moved or delayed due to rain it is important to communicate to several parties. Make sure updates are flowing to the production vendor, tour managers, student board, and the attendees.

Flexibility. It is important to remain flexible on any show day, but especially when rain is a factor. Safety comes first, so listen to your local experts when making decisions and remain open to changing sound check, door, and set times.

Last but not least, always remember to stay calm and have fun!

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Melissa AronsonBabco Workshop: Rain at an Outdoor Show