Babco Workshop: Show Day Prep

Show day is fast approaching, now what?

Rest. Sleep! You will be problem solving and walking a lot on show day, so make sure that that your mind and body are both fully rested and ready to go.

Review Advance Sheet. Make some time the day before your event to thoroughly review the advance sheet. Make sure that you have all of the necessary hospitality requirements, parking spaces are reserved, and you have a general understanding of the timeline (as well as a general understanding that the timeline may fluctuate). Pro Tip: Add timeline notes to your phone so you get reminders as you go throughout the day and don’t have to keep checking the sheet.

Delegate. You can’t do it all, and your team is there to help. Whether fellow board members, committee members, or volunteers – utilize the hands around you. You can’t be monitoring sound check, managing doors, and going to get dinner all at once. Consider the strengths of your peers and delegate responsibilities accordingly (i.e. hospitality, front of house, media, etc.) – put your full trust in them. People want to help you, allow it.

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Melissa AronsonBabco Workshop: Show Day Prep