Babco Workshop: Submitting an Offer

Things to remember when submitting an offer:

Contract and Artist Payment Process. Outline in detail the contract and artist payment process to set their expectation from the beginning.  Doing this will eliminate a difficult conversation later (especially if it happens day of show) explaining why an act’s payment isn’t ready on time.

Content Restriction.  Be very specific to what Content Restriction is required.  Some artists won’t do content restriction, so better know this before a date confirms than after.

Special Requests.  Meet & Greet, Artist announce videos, Instagram Take-Overs, Artist social media posts and any activity outside performance you need the Artist to do should be in your offer.

Radius Clause.  Whether you are an open or closed show, include a radius clause in your offer.  Radius clauses can include another performance, appearance and after show parties.

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Melissa AronsonBabco Workshop: Submitting an Offer