Babco Workshop: The Artist is Late!

“Is the Artist here yet?” is one of the most asked question on show day. Well, what if they aren’t? What if their flight is delayed and they are going to be late? Melissa walks you through surviving this day of show disaster.

Be Prepared.

Two things you need day of show to be turn around a stressful day of show:
1)  Artist Tour Manager and Agent’s cell numbers and email addresses.
2)  Artist travel schedule, including flight number and airline if flying.
Be Proactive.
● Touch base with the tour manager in the morning to make sure they are on target for arrival time.
● If flying, track the flight.  If you see a flight delayed, reach out to the Artist Tour Manager via phone, text and/or for updates (if you can’t reach the Tour Manager, check in with the Agent).
● Have a plan.  Alert your team and production vendor so schedule adjustments for load-in and sound check can be made for the artist’s new arrival time.  This may involve rearranging other details on the schedule (other artist sound checks, hospitality, Meet & Greets).
Be Successful.
Changes, like an Artist being late for a show, in an event plan aren’t just inconvenient they are also stressful.  Sure your schedule may need to adjust, but the important part is having a successful show.  By you being prepared and proactive in the event an artist is late, and having a plan in place adjusting the schedule accordingly, you will be successful. 

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Melissa AronsonBabco Workshop: The Artist is Late!