Babco Workshop: The Check is Going to be Late

This week Alyssa explains the steps you should take to make best efforts for a day of show check, and what to do if that doesn’t happen.

Before You Get The Contracts

Always let the Artist/Artist Agency know the following:

  • By what date do you require the fully executed contract in order to process the artist check by day of show?
  • Do you require any additional paperwork before you can submit the contract to your contracting department (i.e. school vendor form)?

During the Contract Process

  • If you know the contract is going to be delayed by your contract department make the Artist/Artist Agency aware of the delay and the new timeline, especially if it could delay payment.
  • Know how many business days or weeks it will take for your accounting department to process the artist check once they have the completed contract. The artist will want to know when they can expect their check if they are not receiving it day of show.
  • Maintain a constant flow of communication with your contract department and the Artist/Artist Agency so there are no surprises day of show.

Day of Show

  • Have a copy of the fully executed contract and any emails regarding payment readily available in case the Artist’s Tour Manager has any questions.

Remember, preparation is key!

Alyssa Eskow
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Melissa AronsonBabco Workshop: The Check is Going to be Late