Celebrating Black History: Tracee Ellis Ross

Known for her comedic actress role in the hit show “Girlfriends,” Tracee Elilis Ross has also used her platform to address racial and non-traditional topics through recent and relatable shows “Black-ish,” and “Mixed-ish.”

Ross, multi-racial, has never been ashamed to speak for and embrace the parts of her that make her special, but she also aims to send a message beyond skin in the roles that she plays and that message is that everyone’s life is their own, and the parts that make each person are as simple as that. Ross recently launched a haircare line for curly hair called “Pattern Beauty.” Let’s not fail to mention, the daughter of singer Diana Ross, Tracee has also a musical talent, debuted in the 2020 movie, “The High Note.” If you haven’t yet, go listen to “Love Myself,” by Tracee Ellis Ross, a hit from the movie.

Melissa AronsonCelebrating Black History: Tracee Ellis Ross