Fresh Faces: Faith Pejsa, University of Redlands

Faith Pejsa, Co-Director of Concerts
ASUR Social Affairs, University of Redlands

What are you most looking forward to about your new position?
I’m looking forward to building and getting to know my team. I am excited to work with and learn from them while coordinating a successful event.

Which event are you most excited to coordinate this year?
I am eager to coordinate our Fallfest with a Hip Hop artist. We have an amazing Greek Theater, where the event takes place, that makes the event feel more magical with combining old and new.

What do you hope to gain from this experience?
I hope to gain experience in coordinating an event that is open to the public. On our campus, this means much more coordinating and organizing so I hope to gain more real world experience to apply to future positions.

Which performer or comedian do you think will be hot on college campuses this Fall? Why?
I think The Chainsmokers will be hot on college campuses this Fall because they released a new album in the Spring and have been touring throughout the Summer and into the Fall. Their singles have also been doing well on the charts.

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Melissa AronsonFresh Faces: Faith Pejsa, University of Redlands